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These siblings- brother(2years)and sister(3years) ...

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girl 3 y.o.Available.Please contact us for more ...

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boy 3 y.o.Available.Please contact for more ...

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Welcome to Aurora International Adoption

World Adoption Specialists

Aurora International Adoption, Inc
is a non-profit organization, 501 (c) (3) , for international humanitarian aid and adoption. Main goal of this corporation is to help orphans to find parents, help childless couples to fulfill their dreams of having a family and simplify adoption process as fairly as possible to those parents who just have big heart to help to less fortunate children.

The #1 choice for international adoptions. Inexpensive,fast,reliable services by US based non-profit organization with programs all over the world.

Staffed by adoption professionals, AURORA has helped adoptive parents, placing many children from Asia and Eastern Europe. Careful business practices enables AURORA to help their clients adopt internationally for much less than the typical agency charges.

When you choose AURORA, you are assigned an adoption counselor, who will advise you in preparing the paperwork necessary for your adoption. We will also guide you through the process of obtaining your home study and USCIS clearance.

Also you will get added benefits such as:

Have a unique opportunity to choose a desired child on your own.

Our years of experience working in adoption field, honesty and follow up services after you come home. Our fees are low: compared to many independent facilitators , total fees are very similar. But you get the added benefit of using an US based organization that will support you through the process and after.

Pre-adoption education, dossier preparation, guidance in country of adoption, translation services, language services, lodging, transportation and your other various needs while in foreign country.

You will be treated kindly by our coordinators and be safe during your trip.

Our Program Coordinators are extremely helpful and are available to you at any time you need them.

Have a memorable time during your trip and will have a chance to get familiar with the culture, tradition and history of your child's birth country.