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Find your child

Our main mission is to find as many nurturing homes for waiting children in our programs as possible. Our kids are diverse: some are babies, some are toddlers, some are older children, but all of them need a loving home.

Aurora facilitates adoption it two ways, through our Open Contract program and through our Waiting Children program.

Waiting Children

Read more information about our children by visiting our "waiting children page" and filling out our "application form". There is no fee and we don't expect any commitment. It is the simple way to find out who you are.

After we receive your completed "application form" you will be provided by photos of children currently available in our database. Please note that we have hundreds of children available all the time who's pictures are not available due some legal restrictions.

Open Contract

Open Contract is most recommended adoption option by many adoption specialists in US. By choosing this option Adoptive Family spends preliminary part of adoption strictly preparing their dossier and other necessary legal documents for the adoption process in the country of their choice. Choosing the child comes only after all the documents are prepared and cleared responsible foreign institutions.

After invitation to adopt is received, family travels to the Adoption country in order to choose their prospective adoptive child and complete adoption process by finalizing it in that country. This is the only option that gives 100% assurance that the chosen child will be placed with this family. Even though other options are highly probable to deliver the same results, some times situations arise where ether relatives express their will to take custody of a child or even local family goes forward with their adoption petition (local governments will always give preferences to local families and procedures are also simplified in that cases).

In this cases we always will work with the families in order to find another suitable alternative (with no additional costs involved), however, the emotional trauma for adoptive parents is usually very deep and requires some or much additional healing time for the process go on. To escape these incidents, open contract falls in place by providing security and guaranteed outcome. Please contact us e-mail so we can help you to determine the best program for you.